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This is my personal website, a place where you can read about me, find my picture and video galleries, links I like . Enjoy :)

I'm now living in Lausanne and enjoy the lifestyle there. It's a multicultural environment here, very open to international exchange. Before I've been living in other metropolitan cities, like Antwerp and Zürich.

Nature is never far away here, as we are surrounded by the Jura and the Alps. The lake opens a broad view onto the mountains.

Guillaume got baptised

our little boy

On January 26th our little son Guillaume was baptised! It has been a challenge to keep him quiet, during this 1h mass. A very happy family gathering in St.Amedée, Lausanne!

Posted by Laurent on February 4th, 2013


Since my childhood I am fascinated by the potential technology offers. It's in this state of mind that I became engineer, to participate myself to the development and evolution of new systems. Now I work as solution manager and participate to telecommunication architecture design and sales for projects in Switzerland.

Among others, I have contributed to make it possible to watch TV over your phone's copper pair and increase your Internet bandwidth from mere kilobits/s to megabits/s. Imagine these platforms consist of thousands of access boxes, connecting homes together over a mixed copper/fiber infrastructure. I've been active for the last mile as well as for the optical core systems out there.

Posted by Laurent on November 23rd, 2012


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